I’m a Seattle-based User Experience Designer. Let’s make things easy.

I design Human-Centered Experiences.


REI Employee Mobile

Designed a mobile tool that helped retail store employees find products and inventory information quickly and easily.

Alaska Mobile Ops

Produced several mobile products that are streamlining the airline’s operation —reducing the time it takes employees to access relevant information.

Alaska Pilot Mobile

Designed an application that delivers flight information to pilots as they are working. The app saves over 200 tons of paper per year.

Alaska Maintenance

Developed an app concept that integrates several Line Maintenance processes, while reducing the amount of time driving to and from the aircraft.

Alaska RSA Mobile

Redesigned the current bag scanning software to increase the efficiency of the Ramp Service Agents and enhance the system’s tracking ability.

Alaska CSA Mobile

Conducted initial user-research and designed the prototype for an app to help CSAs and guests interact in a more fluid and personal way during the boarding process.

Alaska Airlines Kiosk

Conducted user-research and redesigned the kiosk experience from the ground up. The concept engaged guests by leveraging personal information more effectively.

Foglifter Media

Designed initial web and mobile content delivery systems for a start-up focused on making financial concepts more relatable.

Cobalt Group

Designed an iOS application that allowed users to quickly find new automobiles at nearby dealerships.


Designed the interface for a software tool focused on monitoring system backups for corporate clients.